Nokia XI-01 & C2-00 with Dual SIM Mode


Nokia is consider a giant I the race of mobile phones manufacturing companies. It always manufactures extraordinary brands. Now it brings Nokia XI-01 & C2-00 with Dual SIM mode.

The Nokia X1-01 is a repetition over the very affordable music-centric Nokia XI-00, but it offers something exceptional in which many users are interested especially dual-SIM function.

The dual-SIM Nokia X1-01 is certainly affordable with a suggested price tag of nearly $48 (34 Euro) off contract. Except for its bombastic loudspeaker, the X1-01 offers outstanding battery life with up to 43 days of standby time, 13 hours of talk time and 36 hours of continuous audio playback. The Nokia X1-01 release date is not suggested, but the phone will embark this quarter with Series 30 on board.

Nokia also declares that it has started shipments of another dual-SIM phone, the Nokia C2-00.

The C2-00 is also very affordable with a price tag of some $63 (45 Euro).

The Nokia C2-00 release date comes very soon as the handset is already embarking. Its features include:
an Easy Swap feature allowing you to hot-swap one of the SIM cards,

Series 40,
VGA camera and MMS functionality,
Up to 32GB microSD cards supported.

Another outstanding characteristic is that both phones can remember settings for up to five SIM cards and work in dual-standby mode, allowing both cards to stay active at all times, while it’s up to the user to decide which one to use to make a call or send a message.

Nokia plans on offering the phones in India, China, South-East Asia/Pacific region, Middle East and Africa, Eurasia and Brazil.